Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Latest Product//Review - Sinful Colors Nail Polish

Okay so pay day is only a few days away, so naturally I am skint. However, on Bank Holiday Monday, I braced Sheffield city centre ready to find some bargains.

Those who know me will know this is no mean feet. I am notoriously impulsive when shopping - how I ended up an accountant I will never know. Despite this though, I did well, picking up a good set of bargains - Thank the Lord for TK Maxx!
Among my purchases were three nail polishes from a new collection, Sinful Colors released in Boots.

My favourite of the three being Shade 003 - Easy Going. A pretty Ballerina pink.
I had seen a few other bloggers review these & was really excited to try them out :)

Okay, so first impressions. I really liked the brush, it is small enough to be precise and large enough to cover a descent area in one stroke. As I am not the neatest nail-painter, I find a good brush really helps.
I also found it gave really neat, straight lines and did not smudge the     
polish into my cuticle at all - Big thumbs up!

One Coat - Streaky & Semi Opaque 

Two Coats - Opaque and Shiny

I have really mixed feelings about this products so, to avoid any more rambling, I am going to do a 'Pros & Cons':


1) The price. At £1.99 it is seriously cheap & you do get a lot of polish and a good brush for your £££.

2) The finish. The final result is pretty and professional, you are left with an opaque, streak free, super shiny polish.


1) The drying time! Oh god, this took so long to dry. Like a whole episode of Scott & Bailey long time ( an hour!).

2) Definitely one that needs a topcoat . However I always use a top coat so I didn't mind this, but this would probably be a 'night out' fix if you choose not to apply one.


Overall, I did really enjoy wearing this and I do think that it good value for money and the colour and texture selection in the range is just super amazing. However the drying time did really put me off.

I will be using this again & trying out the other colours but maybe after investing in a good rapid dry top coat - but maybe that defeats the object of them being cheap if you have to buy a good top coat too?

Have you tried Sinful Colors? 

How did you find them? 

Let me know & thanks for reading dolls! 

Love Em xx


  1. I'm loving milky nails at the moment. With 2 coats it looks gorgeous. Still yet to try polishes from this brand. This must be rectified, ASAP!



    1. Me too :) I love sparkly nails but sometimes simplicity is best & looks super pretty too x

  2. Try using a quick drying top coat- it works WONDERS! Sally Hansen has one!

    Maddy @

    1. Ooo thankyou :) I will check that out.. I herd OPI have a good one but Sally Hansen is much sweeter on the purse strings xx

  3. This is a really beautiful colour, and for only £1.99 you cant really go wrong!!

    1. I know! Crazy price :) Hopefully it is not an introductory price xx

  4. These look really nice on you made my fingers look dirty last time i used a light shade. Might try again

    Carrieanne x

  5. I really like the shade of this nail polish, I'm definitely leaning towards lighter more neutral shades this weather!!
    shame about the drying time, although I do have a tip!
    fill a sink up with cold water, then once you have applied your polish, dunk your nails into the sink so all the nails are submerged, leave them there for 1-2 mins then voila...perfectly dry nails! And no smudging :)

  6. I've got Mint Apple, and love it! Didn't have trouble with the drying time though and I agree they look better with a top coat - but I always add a top coat too x

  7. What a good old lil' review ! I gave you a follow x

  8. Seems acceptable for the price. I looove the color too xx

  9. pretty shade;)X

  10. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  11. I love that colour, it's really pretty :)

    Following you!


  12. great post! i want to try that colour