Thursday, 20 June 2013

Soap & Glory//Latest Product & Review

This may suprise many of the Beauty Mavens out threre, but I have never really fan-girled over Soap & Glory before. The hype of the brand just seemed to slip past me and I had never really given it much thought, despite hearing raves about it left, right & centre.
However, in Boots the other day I could not resist sticking my snout into the Sugar Crush Moisture Extreme Body Butter Cream after here the gorgeous Tanya Burr rave about the smell of it in her May Favourites video.

Oh My God. Girls, I cannot express to you how amazing this smells. It is a very sweet and creamy Lime scent - it realy reminds me of a Key Lime Pie! This is perfect for me as I love sweet scents and Key Lime Pie haha.

From the range I purchased the Body Buttercream and the Body Wash, both of which I adore. They really are a pleasure to have in my beauty routine.

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream -

I must admit I have never been loyal to a body moisturiser or body butter. The longest love affair to date has been with the Body shop Body Butters which I love. A lot. However the beautiful rich texture of this may just rival that of the Body Shop's.

The texture is smooth, thick and luxurious but yet sinks into the skin beautifully. I really enjoy using this in the morning, especially around my décolletage. This is because it adds just a healthy dewy glow to the skin which I think looks beautiful in that area.

I'm sure with Summer coming up (somewhere) and shorts heading our day (one day) ,  I am not the only one to be reaching for the fake tan?
I find this works so well with fake tan as it is so rich and nourishing it created the perfect canvas for you to apply your tan to.

Fresh & Foamy Bodywash - 

Whilst obsessing over the Body Buttercream, I also picked up the shower gel from the same range. This may be a bit odd, but I am so particular about body washes. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a shower gel that:

a) Doesn't foam up - This definitely does foam up in to a luxurious lather

b) Has a scent that doesn't linger - The scent of this, especially when used in conjunction with the Body Cream, which will linger (not too strongly) all day.

c) Has crummy packaging you hate to see in your bathroom - Well, what can I say, you can see how pretty this is!

Another thing I really like about this Body Wash is the pump.

It helps you to get the right amount of product to use - no one liked squirty shower gels that dispense half the bottle if you squeeze it too hard, am I right ? It also stops it leaking onto your shower shelf/surface and creating a lovely congealed mess on shower gel for you to clean :)

Overall :

Overall.. GO & BUY THESE!

If you love a sweet smell and enjoy products which are amazing value for money then you should definitly try these. Very excited to try more Soap & Glory products.

What are your favourite products from the Brand?

Have any of you tried the facial products- if so, what are they like?

Love Em x

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