Sunday, 23 June 2013

Latest Products // MAC & Bobbi Brown - Designer Outlet Mini Haul

On Saturday I went to my first ever Designer Outlet, Cheshire Oaks. I was super excited to check out what was on offer, albeit a little dubious as to how nice the actual stuff on sale would be.One of our first stops of the day was The Cosmetics Company store, I was so excited because as soon as I walked in I was greeted by stands of Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox, along with others.

Whilst there I picked up some little treats from MAC and Bobbi  Brown, two brands that I adore! I wish I had picked up more, looking back, but  hey ho - my bank isn't complaining :)

Bobbi Brown - Blush Pink Rose

One of my first purchases was this beautiful pink Blusher from Bobbi Brown. I actually have never owned a Bobbi Brown Blusher before but I love her other products so hopes were set rather high on this one.

It is a beautiful blue toned Pink that adds the prettiest flush to the cheeks. I especially like this blusher as it works well on both pale and tanned skin ( my mum also brought this and she is much fairer than myself ).

It is a matte texture which, although I love, some people may think is a little dull. I personally enjoy adding my own shimmer with a pretty highlighter.

The RRP of this product is £18.00 and for this you get 3.8g of product. Although I do love this product, at full price it is nearly double the price ( per gram ) of a MAC Blusher which retails at £17.50 for 6g. Personally, I would rather pay for a MAC one over this full price, sorry Bobbi! I love the packaging, the colour and the texture, but not enough to repurchase more shades at full price.

I paid £10.00.

Bobbi Brown - Eyeshadow Champagne No 42

Also at the stands of Ms Brown, I picked up this beautiful Shimmer Wash in Champagne. I have accumilated a fair few Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, so I know that I do indeed love these.

They are creamy, pigmented, long lasting and come in so many shades! 

Am I the only one searching for the perfect Champagne shade?! 
I have so many shades similar,  yet different, to this. It is a golden champagne with ivory and very subtle pink under tones. I think this will work really well as a highlight colour and also as a simple wash of colour over the lid.

For the RRP of £16.50 you get 2.5g of beautifully packaged, amazing quality product. I would really recommend these to people who are looking to invest in staple colours for their collection such as a good Black, Bronze & Champagne etc.

I paid £10.50 for this eye shadow and would have killed for a better colour selection but hey, one bargain is better than nothing!

MAC Lipglass - Tour de Fabulous

I have had a love/ hate relationship with MAC Lipglasses. I love  the colour selection and the actual look of the products on the lips, but so often I find myself having to remove them when i step out the house as they are so damn sticky!

Despite this, I totally fell in love with this gorgeous Peachy Coral shade. I believe it was limted edition, as was much of the MAC stuff in the Outlet store :( sorry ( you can find it on Ebay (: yay )

I wore this out all day today and although it is sticky * cries * , it just last so beautifully. Dilema?!

I paid £9.00 for this Lipglass & they RRP is from £13.50 to £17.00. I dont think the RRP for these is actually too bad considering how long they last and the colour pay off you can get & I actually wish I had brought another of these, although they will have to be saved for a 'hair up' day!

MAC - Zoom Lash Plum Reserve

I'm not sure why, but I have just never been drawn towards buying a MAC Mascara before. Something about them just does not tickle that pickle of mine! That was until I saw this Zoom Lash in Plum.

I have got Green eyes, and recently I have become mildly obsessed with wearing Purple to accentuate them. The colour on the applicator of this is a beautiful vibrant purple, however it doesn't transfer as boldy onto the lashes as I had hoped.

The other niggle I have with this is the fact that it really does not do anything for my lashes. It lengthens them to an extent but add almost Zero volume :(

Having spent £10.00 on this, I am a little peeved as you can get a great Drugstore/ Highstreet mascara for that price.


Overall I am really pleased with my bargain buys! I love a good bargain and all of these, bar maybe the mascara, will be much loved!

Love Em, x


  1. I'd love to see how the purple mascara looks on!!

    Maddy @

  2. Great picks! Love the look of Pink Rose x

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  4. Great buys - the blush and eyeshadow look really pretty :)

  5. Those look like some great buys! But eek, I don't like sticky glosses either (I find that Dior has the stickiest ones, ew), so I'd pass on MAC lipglosses. ;n;

    By the way, if you're looking for some really pretty, non-sticky, long lasting lipglosses, I'd highly recommend Guerlain! They're amazing! o__o (But very pricey... my wallet cried)

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