Tuesday, 30 April 2013


So, this is my first monthly favourites!
These are one of my favourite things to read on other Blogs so I was super excited to start compiling my own :)
There is a mixture of Make-up, Hair and Skin products so I hope you like it guys :)!

I was really excited to try this Shampoo (&conditioner) as I absolutely love the Moroccan Oil Treatment . I had high hopes for this as when the Hair Dressers used this on my my hair was transformed.
Trusty old Moroccan Oil did not let me down, this really is an amazing product.

You only need a tiny bit of this Shampoo (even on my thick hair) to work it up into a beautiful rich lather - so it lasts for a really long time. I re-purchased mine when I when to get my 2 monthly trim, so it lasted a good 8 weeks.
At £15.85 for 250ml and £20.00 for 500ml, (the pricing seems a little off) this is definitely one for those with dry or curly hair to try :)

Oh BOY! This Salt Scrub is just too blooming amazing ! Me and my mum have used this for years on and off, and when ever we have an 'off' phase when we come back to this we question why we ever left it.

Firstly, this product is seriously good value for money. In a tub you get 650Grams, which will last a good few months and the price is £11.50 (although you'll struggle to find a Boots where Sanctuary Spa isn't on a 3-4-2).

Secondly, what I love about this product, is how luxurious it feels. It is a really abrasive exfoliator made up from Rock Salt Crystals , so if you prefer a light exfoliator, this may not be the one for you.  The Salt Crystals are then submerged in the most lovely smelling, rich and just generally yummy oil you have ever tried. It leaves the skin so soft and pampered, just like a Spa experience :)

I'm always on the look out for new bronzing and contouring products & I really like this as soon as I saw it as it is a Matte Bronzer. This make it great for contouring and creating a natural look as the colour is not orange at all (think Matt NARS Laguna Bronzer), the cute little brush that comes with it is also great from getting into the hollows of your cheeks. I've found I have been reaching for this almost everyday this month which is why it is in here :)

The packaging of all the Benefit Powders is so great! Its made of paper, which I think prevents the product from smashing or the box from snapping & now there is also a handy Mirror inside which is great for on the go touch ups :)

Thank God for Gerualin! I really do LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. 
It is one of those Brands which I think never gets enough hype and can run rings around the likes of Lancome and Clinique.
I picked up this Bronzer last Summer and have used it almost daily, definitley weekly, since. And the crazy thing it is barely looks like I've used it. It was raaaather pricey at around £50.00, but the fact that it is no where near pan proves its worth the money.
 You get 14Grams of this as opposed to 8Grams of Hoola Bronzer.
I use this as an Eyeshadow, Highlighter (cheeks, cupids bow, eye corners and eye brows). I'm not too such if this is still available is shops but on Amazon I'm sure it will be.
This is such a great investment buy and is such a timeless products which you will never get sick of picking up :)

We all know the hyper around these brushes, I'm sure. But if you have no herd about them I will try and do so quickly.
Basically these Brushes are the product of Samantha Chapman who is one half of the Youtube Pixiwoo Team. So really they are make up brushes made by a Make-up Artist :)
They are synthetic brushes which makes them super easy to clean , and much cheaper than real hair brushes.

I've honestly never had one fall out hair from this brush (even when washing them) and this brush just makes apply Foundation sooo quick and easy. It creates an even flawless finish and allows you to built up the coverage by stipelling too.


:) Annnnd that is it folks!
Hope you enjoyed my first ever Monthly Favourites cause I really enjoyed the processes of picking these products out.
If you have done a Monthly favourite, please leave a link to it as I really love reading what others have been enjoying.

Love Em xx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Review// Charles Worthington Salon Home - Intense Rescue Melting Balm

I'm always on the look out for new hair products. Having Curly, Dry hair has left me dreaming of a perfect hair product that will transform my unruly tresses into lustrous glossy waves *drools*.
As of yet, I am still to find this product, although my Holy Grail Moroccan Oil  and Moroccan Oil Shampoo are pretty darn amazing.
However, this Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm caught my eye because, apart from the bright Orange packaging,  it seemed such a unique product. It is a... well I suppose it is a solid hair oil which you use on dry hair before washing!

I don't know if I'm just behind the times, but I had never heard of this before and I was unsure as to whether it would just make my hair greasy.
You apply this mask/balm/stuff before washing and leave on for 20 minutes. This definitely makes this Balm something to save for a pamper evening once a week or a weekend morning as ordinarily in the week I couldn't be bothered/don't have the time to spend that much time on my hair.
The product melted really quickly and nicely into an oil and was lovely to smooth over my parched locks, as it smells so delicious.

After applying this and waiting 20 minutes as instructed, I followed my normal hair routine, which involves letting my hair dry naturally. As my hair started to dry I though I has made a huge mistake buying this as it was drying a little limp. However once it was fully dry the results were really nice and I could tell a real difference in the shine of my hair.

Overall at £16.99. this product is quite pricey, but on the other hand I reckon it will last so long as a little goes a long way. Also, with its gorgeous smell and the fact you need to leave it in for a long time, this is such a pamper product- amazing to save for a night in where you have the chance to take extra time with your beauty regime :)

Have you tried any of the Charles Worthington Salon Home range? 

What are your favourite hair masks or pamper products?
Love Em, xx

Saturday, 27 April 2013

I ♥ spring tag

What is your favourite Spring nail polish?

At the moment I have been loving Revlon - Blue Lagoon. I'm also really been to try the Nails Inc. Cornwall  Feathers Effect nail polishes :) I think they are so cute!

What is your must have lip colour this Spring?

I'm really into Corals and Fucshia's at the moment - It's such a refreshing change from Pin-up Red's and Vampish Berry tones which I love, but are being pushed into the back of the Lip Drawer in favour of a much needed ,bright, pop of colour :)

Show/Tell us about your favourite Spring dress?

Last week I brought myself this, in my opinion, stunning Spring shift Floral dress from Oasis which was £45.00. The cut is super flattering and personally I think it looks much for exspensive than Oasis ( I thought it looked a little Ted Baker esc).

What is your favourite flower?

At the moment I love Daffofils, I always have a bunch in my room as they look like little Suns which makes me so happy and cheers me up :) They're also dirt cheap at around only £1 a bunch. I also adore Tulips as their so elegant and come in so many colours!

What is your favourite Spring scarf/accessory? 

At the time being I don't really have a favourite scarf, as I mainly was (faux ) fur stoles, but I am crazy in love with Jewelery this Spring. I espcially am into statement necklaces. I rescently went to Primark and found 6 amazing necklaces which I've had so mcuh use out of. They are just amazing for sprucing up an otherwise plain or dull outfit.


What Spring trends are you most excited for?

I have done a whole post dedictated to Spring Trends, as I absolutly love the chnage in fashion from Winter to Spring as it is just a refreshing wash of colour after the darker hues on Winter trend. If you want to see the Trends I'm especially excited for check out my post.

What is your favourite Spring candle?

I would LOVE to say my favourite Candle is Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Candle, however, I could not justify £38.00 on a Candle, however I do think this is an abolsutly beautiful buy. One candle I can say I always have burning in my room is the Wax Lyrical Vanilla & Tonka candle - I get mine from my local Waitrose.

What is your favourite body spray/perfume for Spring?

This for me is an obvious choice - Chanel Chance - Eau Tendre. It is such a beautiful, fresh, young girly scent. This fragrence is (I'm rubbish at describing scents) is fruity and floral but not in the slightest way sickly. The staying power is also really good, as I often find Perfume does not last on me.I'm also lusting after  Chloe - See By Chloe, which is so lovely.

What is Spring like, where you live?

Where I live Spring is always lovely & hot. It's rare to see a cloud in the sky in Spring - HA only joking I live in yorkshire! Spring is very temperemental in Yorshire, you will get the occasional sunny day but in general it is generally warmer than Febraury time - but beware for cloudy days & col breezes!

What is your favourite thing about Spring?

Hmm, tricky one. I think the main things I adore about Spring is the fact that the world seems to come to life, the countryside near my house is awash with baby animals and the flowers come out :) As gay as it may sound, the flowers really make me smile on my to work when I see them.

Are you a Spring cleaner?

I'm going to have to say no, but that is purely based on the fact that I more or less obsessivly clean all year round :)

Any plans for a Spring break/Vacation?

YES :) I'm very excited to be taking advantage of the bank holidays at the end of May  and taking myself off to Holland for a few days to spend time with my sister-in-law/bestfriend, Juul. I absolutly can't wait :) EEEEK.
I TAG you all to do this tag, and if you do it.. please comment below with the link to it so we can all have a read of your Spring answers!

maybelline - latest products//review

Okay, so yesterday was a bad day for my Bank Account. I decided it would be a good idea to peruse the shelves at Boots, but unfortunately for my Bank, looking turning into touching, and touching turned into wildly grabbing things near me and throwing them into my Basket :)  
When I got home however, and actually stopped to examine what I had brought in my frenzied state, I was really happy :)
I always find with Beauty Splurges that I never regret the money i send as i enjoy so much trying out the new things I buy :)
Anyhoo, Among some of these things were 2 Maybelline products, which were on a great deal of Buy one get on half-price! I had heard great things about both products so was excited to give them a whirl..

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - Shade 210, Sandy Beige

I had been curious to pick this up at it is marketed as having a translucent base and super light weight pigments which allow the skin's natural colour pigments to show through, making it adaptable to any skin tone. 
It is also water-based, which is great for someone like me who has an oily skin type. My sister-in-law also brought this though and her skin type in more of a dry one.
My sister-in-law used this last night, and her skin look amazing. It looked dewy and natural whilst providing a good medium coverage.
I used mine this morning, and i LOVE it :) I was sceptical as me and my sister-in-law have such different skin. But I found it applied in a really nice way, it doesn't sit on the skin and it actually does what it say on the bottle- fits to your skin tone. 
Another great thing about this product is that you pick your colour based on the undertone of your skin- pink or yellow. Being the corn fed girl I am , I ran screaming towards the yellow tones as I haaate pink foundations.

Another that I love about this Foundation , is the bottle. I think that it looks so chic and expensive. With it's glass bottle and black hardware, I actually think it looks really similar to the packaging of a Chanel foundation.

Another thing that I was so excited to see when I opened the bottle was a pump!! As I said when reviewing the Revlon Nearly Naked, I hate it when you just have to pour the product out the bottle, and for this, I think it could maybe push itself to the top of my Drug Store/High Street Foundation tables. It is £7.99.

I only picked up this little Eyeshadow pot as it was buy 1 get 1 half price, so I thought I had better find something to take advantage of the deal.
When I swatched this in the shop tester, the texture reminded me of the MAC paint pots, as it felt thin and creamy, but was highly pigmented.

The colour of this in the pot is a metallic bronze, however when it is actually on the eye i found it applied a little more grey-ish.
I was interested to see how long lasting this product actually is and whether it creases as most cream Eyeshadows do. After a few hours there was a slight crease but not very much, and the colour was as sparkly and bright as it had been when first applied. The staying power of this stuff really is amazing, the swatch from the Boots tester lasted HOURS with out any fading at all! Although the staying power is great it was a little stubborn when trying to get it off, I needed to have a second go to get all of it.

Overall I would definitely recommend this to make up rookies as an easy way to get into wearing shadows, or anyone who is looking for a great shadow to wear as a wash of colour or as a base :) & at £2.50* what more could you want?

*£4.99 full price.  

Have you tried any of these products? & what are your favourite Maybelline buys?

Love Em xx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lip Products// Latest Products & Review

Working near a Boots is never good for a Beauty Freak like myself. The call of make up and cosmetics is far to strong for me to resist, some lunchtimes, going to have a little mooch round.
Toady was one of the weak willed days and I ended up picking up three gorgeous lip products whilst I was there.

There has been a lot of hype on Beauty Blogs about these Lip glosses, so I was eager to try them out and see for myself what they are like. 
Firstly, I absolutely love the packaging, I think it looks so expensive and chic. The aplicator on these products is also really nice as it is a heart shaped wand, meaning you can cover your lip in one swish, whilst also being able to go back with the pointed end for a more precise application in the corners. I was a little disappointed by the colour selection, there was maybe 2 others besides this one that I liked.

When I first swatched this on my hand it look quire sheer, however after 2 coats, as you can see by the picture above, it builds up to a beautiful bright Coral Orange colour. 
This colour is soo up my street, it is bright. but it is also really wearable for the day time which I think is great.
The greatest thing about this product, however, is the staying power! Once applied, this Lip Gloss is going no where fast. To put it into perspective, I swatched this on my hand at 1PM and now, at 8:30 PM it is still there! The glossy finish has long gone, but there is still a definite stain. Unlike other stains of this strength though, it is not in the least bit drying.
To me this product is amazing, amazing, amaaazing value for money, from its sleek packaging, to the colour, to the phenomenal staying power, this product ticks all the boxes.It is priced at £7.99 at Boots.

Bourjois is quickly become of one my go-to Drug Store/High Street beauty brand. Recently it is just churning out great product, after great product.
One of the reasons I noticed this particular Lip Stick was because of the unique packaging. The base of the Lip Stick is a swatch of the colour inside, make it great for finding the colour you want when you're in a rush to get ready. The slick, black, bullet container is also very  expensive looking. 
In the Rough Edition collection there are 17 different shades, ranging from a true Red shade to neutral Browns, meaning you are guaranteed to find a colour that will suit you.

The consistency of this Lip Stick is very creamy and smooth, it glides on so easily- it almost melts onto the lips, it really is lovely to apply. For just a smooth, moisture rich product I though the bright Fuchsia colour might apply rather sheer. How wrong I was! This Lip Stick is so pigment and the colour so true to the swatch on the base. The gorgeous bright pink came out just how I had hoped.
The finish to the Rouge Edition Lipsticks is subtly shiny, and nice middle ground between matte and glossy, which I love! The colour stayed put for a really long while, and it faded nicely into a 'my lips but better' tint after a few hours, unlike some Lipsticks which patch off horribly.
Like the L'Oreal Glam Shine Splash , this product was £7.99, which I think is super great value for money. Because of the wide range of lovely colours i suggest everyone takes a look at these as your sure to find something amazing!

For a long time I have loved the Soap & Glory body care range. Which is why I was so confused when i realised this is my first purchase from their Cosmetics line.
Like the body care range, all the Cosmetics are beautifully packaged. I chose this 'Gloss Stick' for 2 reasons - 1) I really fell for the the colour and..
2) THE SMELL.. I repeat.. THE SMELL

Good grief, this thing smells so darn nice! It is a Vanilla scent which is just so yummy. Another thing i liked about this is the fact that it is a Twist-up stick, not one you have to sharpen, I don't know about anyone else but I struggle like an up-turned Tortoise trying to sharpen these things such as this.


The colour pay-off, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with, although after a few coats you do get a nice, sheer yet bright pink colour. Although the colour may not be very strong on these, the staying power is great! Especially for a gloss/balm product. A good 3 hours after first apply it, it was still very much there and still smelly amazing.
If you are into natural sheer finishes, this is definitely the one for you. Also, because of the handy pen applicator, it is great for an on-the-go splash of colour, as they are so quick the apply- even with out a mirror.
I paid £8.00 for this Gloss Stick which I think is really awesome value as I think, because of how long each application stays on, it will last a long long time. 

Okay folks :) that's it for my latest Lip Products.
Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful, please comment below as I really love getting feed back on my posts :)
Have you tried any of these products and what are your favourite lip products at the moment?

Love Em xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Benefit//Go TropiCoral - Lip & Cheek Kit

On Saturday I gave my Brother a lift to John Lewis, while i was waiting for him to finish shopping, i nipped into the beauty department and had a look at the Benefit counter. 

Benefit counters are always so beautifully arranged and well presented, just like the packaging of all their products.
I was admiring a bottle of the 'Cha Cha Tint' when one of the lovely girls at the counter suggested this gorgeous pallet. I instantly loved the beautiful packaging and once I opened it up, it was love at first sight!

Inside the pallet (from Left to Right) is:

Cha Cha Tint
For those of you who have not tried a Benefit 'Tint' before, it is basically a Cheek & Lip Stain. This means that is a fairly thin liquid which you apply to your Cheeks and Lip. This product smells amazing and looks as good as it smells. The colour of it is a bright Orangey Coral shade and it is just so pretty and perfect for Spring and Summer as it can be apply sparingly for an amazing natural and healthy glow of colour.

Although I love this product there and a few niggles that I have with it. One is that, with this product you have to move fast when blending it out. Because it is a stain, when it dries there is no moving it. I suggest, when you apply this to your cheeks you do one cheek at a time. I apply a few dots on the apple of my cheeks and use my fingers to dab and blend it into the skin, only then do I move on to the next cheek.
The other 'problem' is that you cannot apply this products to powdered skin, only to fresh foundation//moisturiser as it will not properly adhere to the powder. This is fine for me as I use a translucent powder anyway, but for those of you who use a coloured powder it may be a little tricky avoiding your cheeks after using this, when you come to powdering.

HighBeam Highlighter

As God sadly forgot to bless my poor little face with cheek bones, I am always on the look out for products which is help me pretend I have them. This highlighter is amazing. It adds a really dainty shimmer to the face and will instantly take your dull Winter skin and inject a boost of Spring-like dewy freshness.
I am always a little wary of Liquid highlighters as I find they can be harder to blend out than powders, but this little gem is lovely to apply. I use my fingers or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to work it into the tops of my Cheeks, on my temples, on the inner corners of my eyes and on my Cupids bow.

I actually have been sat here trying to find fault with HighBeam, and I  genuinely  cannot. This might seem crazy but, in all honesty, it really is just a great all rounder and would look great on all skin tones as the shimmer is so delicate.

Coralista Blush

I'll be honest, I only recently have become more of a blusher girl. I've always preferred bronzey hues on my cheeks and I always felt quite intimidated by a bright pink blush. However for the past 6 months-ish I have fallen more and more in love with, Berry colours in winter, and now pinks and corals. 
Coralista is a pinkey Coral blush with a shimmery gold finish. Like the Cha Cha Tint, this product smells like you would NOT believe, which personally I love, but I know some people are not too keen on scent cosmetics.  This blush applies much more sheer than it appear in the pallet but can easily be built up into a stronger colour. I like to use a wash of it over the top of the Cha Cha Tint, this creates a lovely dewy and (if this makles sense) a subtle yet bright look.

This pallet also comes with a cute little brush which I use to apply the blush. You could, I suppose, use it to blend the 2 liquid products but I find a bigger brush works better for that in order to buff the product into the skin. The fact that this pallet comes with a brush makes it the perfect piece of kit to take away on holiday or even just in your hand bag and it has an amazingly big mirror (for the size of the pallet) in it too!
This blusher would be great for Blush-Phobes like I was, as it can be made to be so understater. Also, although it is a 'pink' blusher, it definitely has orangey hues to it which makes it an easy product to transfer to instead or along with bronzer with out it being too much of a massive change.

Coralista LipGloss

Finally, the last product in the pallet is the Coralista Lipgloss. I had never tried a Benefit Lipgloss before and was quite excited to do so. Overall I liked it quite a lot, I must confess I really am not a Lipgloss type of Girl. I would always pick Lip Sticks over a gloss as I love a bright, and more often than not, matte lip. However this Gloss was actually really nice.
Now, I haaaate it when people say 'nice' but i cant really think of another word. This products was definetly not unpleasant. It smells ( and tastes) so beautiful and the colour is very very lovely. It comes out as a sheer, pink, very shiny gloss and it last for aggges. I applied it and an hour later, after a cup of tea and a packet of Collin the Caterpillars, it was still there - albeit a little faded. I also really liked how moisturising it was on the lips too.
In general I did like this product. It's just that for me, its not something I would buy. But for gloss girls, this product is definitely one for you to try!

What I thought overall...
Overall I am really delighted with this pallet. Benefit have done such a good job of picking these products, which means they can all be used together to create a beautiful summery look, no matter what your skin shade or complexion. 
I would also recommend this product to people who are new to make-up, or perhaps don't know where to start when updating Winter make up for Summer. This is because this product also comes with 2 pages of handy Tips and Tricks showing you how to apply the products and also where to apply them. Which I know can be a little tricky with Tints and Highlights. These 2 pages also keep the mirror protected and clean which is a huge plus for me!

This Pallet was £25.50 and I brought mine from John Lewis, however Benefit is also available from Boots and also online.

Anyways I must away to the land of Bed-fordshire.

Hope this is helpful to some and you enjoyed reading it, please comment and let me know any products you have brought recently, or what your favourite Benefit products are ...

Love Em xx

PS Oooo one other thing, is that at the the moment , at benefit counters they are giving away free make overs to those who spend £30.00 or more. Perfect to redeem for a special occasion or a night out :)

Friday, 19 April 2013


After a long winter, Spring is finally in the air, and with the start of Spring comes, not only a change in weather, but a breath of fresh air when it comes to trends :)

Personally,I love Spring fashion as it means being able to incorporate colour and styles in to your wardrobe that won't be hidden by a big coat..

So, here are my top picks for Spring..

I LOVE this trend! Monochrome is so so easy to wear and will instantly make you look chic and sophisticated. When I'm choosing clothes, in general, I go for a more "dressed up", fitted look, and Monochrome lends itself so nicely to this look. These Cullotes from ZARA are so flattering and would easily lend themselves to other trends, not just Monochrome. And for £25.99 I think they would be great for a sophisticated ( and if you like, sexy) outfit.
Saying that, Monochrome can easily be dressed down. For example the Swing Dress from ASOS is so freaking cute! It's girls and fresh without being sickly-sweet and could be taken from day-to-night with merely a pair of heals! The long sleeves also make it great for this time of year when the weather can still be quite unpredictable. I also think that is Crop Top from Topshop, could be dressed down with high waisted shorts for festival chic, or dressed up with a leather mini and heals. Although Crop Tops are not the easiest trend to pull off I do love them, especially with something high waisted, showing just a flash of skin.
If you don't really fancy head-to-toe Monochrome, these Wedges from ZARA will not only give a hint of Monochrome to your outfit, but they are also super flattering as the light colour on your feet elongates the leg :) Or this cute Clutch Bag from Accessorize is great for a night out, and the gold hardware makes the bag look much more expensive then the £19 price tag!.

This trend, to me, is scary... amazing, but scary! My Wardrobe consists main of black, white & grey, with the occasional pop of colour, so when I saw this trend I admit, I was intimidated.
 For those brave few who dare to wear this trend head to toe - go you, it looks amazing! However, for you colour-phobes out there, this trend can be really easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. This can be done by using a few bright splashes of colour, whether it be an eye catching Coral Lip ( Sleek Lip Colour - Papya Punch is amazing for this) or a neon clutch, such as this Tangerine Clutch - ZARA  above ( which is a great cheap alternative to the Chanel Lego clutch), to brighten up your look. I actually brought the Two-Tone Yellow Dress -ZARA ,above,the other day and it adds a sweep of eye catching canary yellow to an otherwise simple dress. I think these items are great value, as they can be used time and time again to brighten up any outfit.

I chose these Hawaiian Print Heels - Aldo because I think they are the perfect combination of a sleek elegant style of shoe, and a fun, vibrant print. I think they would look amazing with a casual day time look with coloured jeans or denim.. or on the other hand, with a  cute cocktail dress for a night out.
Finally, this Fusia Silk Blouse - Joy is amazing. It has small, loose cap sleeves which are super flattering if, like me, your conscious about your arms. The bright Fuschia colour looks great teamed with a leather biker jacket to toughen it up.

So, for Spring, Florals are the obvious trend which appear in shops year after year. They are so pretty and it just makes me happy to see so many beautiful prints in the shops. I would say that they are actually the most wearable trend as they are so girlie and soft.
I also love how diverse Floral clothes can be. For example, these Trousers - Topshop , are such a statement piece as the bold colours make such a contrast with the pretty design. On the other end of the Floral spectrum is this Dress - Ted Baker which , with its understated foral embellished top, is a less busy option for a floral dress. I have been lusting after this dress since I saw it in March in John Lewis, and I think it will have to be my next little treat.
Another thing which is great about Florals is that they lend themselves so well to accessories. There are hundreds of gorgeous floral bags, necklaces, earrings and scarves around at this time of year. One of my newly discovered sites is which is crammed full of amazing, unique acessories, clothes and home ware all of which are at great prices. This is where I found my new love, this amazing Floral Crown and Necklace. I love this crown SO much and cannot wait to get my hand on it, I just think i will feel so special and cute in this. I was especially drawn to this necklace because, as much as I love statement necklaces, it is so delicate and pretty.

Annnnd.. that's it folks.. I really hope you liked this post :)

Please comment and let me know if you liked this post as I love getting comments as I'm still getting to grips with blogging.

Love Em x

Thursday, 18 April 2013


After being Gluten free for about a year I have managed to, in my opinion, perfect a few recipes. These yummy cookies are perfect for a naughty treat and the best thing about them is that they are so easy 

Step One

Mix the Granulated Sugar and Light Brown Sugar in a bowl with the Butter. I find that cutting the Butter into small pieces makes it much easier and quicker to mix. I use an electric whisk to speed this step up.
At this point I would also pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees // 160 for a Fan oven.

Step Two
Next, beat the 2 Eggs in a mixing jug and gradually add them to the Sugar & Butter, whilst continuing to blend with the electric whisk. At the point you should also add the Vanilla Extract.

Step Three

Now for the Chocolate!!.. Break the chocolate into small-ish chunks and add it to the beaten mixture. Also add the Gluten Free Flour Blend//or alternatively use 'normal' Wheat Flour if you prefer.
Mix these ingredients together using a wooden spoon. Be sure to stir in any lumps of flour you see.

Step Four

Once the mixture is fully stirred, you will need to prepare a baking tray. To do this, I just use a flat baking tray and cover it in grease-proof paper (to save on the washing up).
Make the cookies about the size of a Satsuma Orange (couldn't think of anything else a similar size).. and gently squash them down.

Now, after years of Cookie baking, me and my little brother think we have finally come up with an oven time that gives that elusive crunchy edge and soft centre...
drum roll

12 Mins!.. Check them after 6 mins and then leave them another 6 :)


Love Em :) x

PS . Please leave a comment below if you have any recipes or if you like this kind of post :)

REVLON - Latest products//Review

A few weeks ago I went shopping. Along with some other bits and pieces, I picked up these Revlon products. In the past few months Revlon has really upped it's game and has brought out beautiful product after beautiful product.

First up was the Revlon Colour Stay 16 Hour Eye Shadow quads.
I was drawn to the Bronzey hues in both pallets but though that 'Decadent' would be a good day pallet and 'Brazen' more suitable for a night time, more glamorous look due to the darker colours.
The colours in these quads are seriously well pigmented (especially the darker colours), long lasting and easily blend-able. They also come with a handy picture on the back demonstrating where to use the colours ( Darkest in the crease, Lightest to highlight ETC).

One thing I did note about these eye shadows, is the fact that they do tend to fall-down a fair amount when you apply them. Normally I wouldn't note this, but because they are so pigmented and long lasting, I found it so hard to clean up with out ruining my foundation, especially the darker colours.

At £7.99 each, I think these pallets are excellent value for money and would recommend them. They are available in so many different shades and are often on 3-4-2 offer in Boots, which is where I purchased mine.

Second up is a product that has become a staple in my Make- up Collection. It is the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in shade 103-Shell.

This foundation is a light but build-able coverage and is so perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring skin. As I,personally, prefer a lighter coverage in Spring//Summer. I apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush which created a sheer yet polished look. However applying it with fingers is really easy too as this foundation almost instantly sinks in to your skin, leaving a natural, radiant finish.. What's not to love?

There is one thing I really do not like about this product.. or  any product..EVER. It is the fact that this bottle comes with no pump, meaning you have to pour it out onto your hand/brush. This might be okay for some people, but personally I find it wastes a lot of product and also it just makes the bottle really messy when opening it up.

Despite this though, I absolutely love this foundation and at £7.99 it is definitely the quality of something much pricier.

Finally, is just something which instantly appealed to me as it is Pink and Sparkly! It is the Revlon Nail Enamel in the colour 261-Sparkling. I just think it is the prettiest thing ever! It looks beautiful on its own if you apply a couple of layers to build up the glitter, or even as a ombre fade with another colour.

Revlon claim these Nail Enamels last for 10 days when used with a top coat and base. I don't know about 10 days, but they definitely last a good few days chip-free.  

I don't own loads of nail varnishes, but I would say the bulk of what I own are Revlon. There is a great selection of colours, finishes and even scents which are all of a high quality and I would recommend then to anyone wanting to add a sprinkle of sparkle or a pop of colour into their look.

Hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope it's not too long. Let me know if you would prefer shorter reviews :)

Emma x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Greetings Readers ... This is my first blog and I am so, so, excited & nervous to start blogging.

As you probably can tell, I want to post about all things beauty related. Along with posts relating to fashion I'll also add some random bits and bobs about my life :)... if people would be interested in them!

As a beauty blog addict myself, I just wanted to give it a bash and express my love for all things pretty to the internet .. as, being a 9 to 5 girl, I sadly can't do it in everyday life..I hope you will enjoy it and come back to see more of what I, as a beauty junkie, love.