Sunday, 21 April 2013

Benefit//Go TropiCoral - Lip & Cheek Kit

On Saturday I gave my Brother a lift to John Lewis, while i was waiting for him to finish shopping, i nipped into the beauty department and had a look at the Benefit counter. 

Benefit counters are always so beautifully arranged and well presented, just like the packaging of all their products.
I was admiring a bottle of the 'Cha Cha Tint' when one of the lovely girls at the counter suggested this gorgeous pallet. I instantly loved the beautiful packaging and once I opened it up, it was love at first sight!

Inside the pallet (from Left to Right) is:

Cha Cha Tint
For those of you who have not tried a Benefit 'Tint' before, it is basically a Cheek & Lip Stain. This means that is a fairly thin liquid which you apply to your Cheeks and Lip. This product smells amazing and looks as good as it smells. The colour of it is a bright Orangey Coral shade and it is just so pretty and perfect for Spring and Summer as it can be apply sparingly for an amazing natural and healthy glow of colour.

Although I love this product there and a few niggles that I have with it. One is that, with this product you have to move fast when blending it out. Because it is a stain, when it dries there is no moving it. I suggest, when you apply this to your cheeks you do one cheek at a time. I apply a few dots on the apple of my cheeks and use my fingers to dab and blend it into the skin, only then do I move on to the next cheek.
The other 'problem' is that you cannot apply this products to powdered skin, only to fresh foundation//moisturiser as it will not properly adhere to the powder. This is fine for me as I use a translucent powder anyway, but for those of you who use a coloured powder it may be a little tricky avoiding your cheeks after using this, when you come to powdering.

HighBeam Highlighter

As God sadly forgot to bless my poor little face with cheek bones, I am always on the look out for products which is help me pretend I have them. This highlighter is amazing. It adds a really dainty shimmer to the face and will instantly take your dull Winter skin and inject a boost of Spring-like dewy freshness.
I am always a little wary of Liquid highlighters as I find they can be harder to blend out than powders, but this little gem is lovely to apply. I use my fingers or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to work it into the tops of my Cheeks, on my temples, on the inner corners of my eyes and on my Cupids bow.

I actually have been sat here trying to find fault with HighBeam, and I  genuinely  cannot. This might seem crazy but, in all honesty, it really is just a great all rounder and would look great on all skin tones as the shimmer is so delicate.

Coralista Blush

I'll be honest, I only recently have become more of a blusher girl. I've always preferred bronzey hues on my cheeks and I always felt quite intimidated by a bright pink blush. However for the past 6 months-ish I have fallen more and more in love with, Berry colours in winter, and now pinks and corals. 
Coralista is a pinkey Coral blush with a shimmery gold finish. Like the Cha Cha Tint, this product smells like you would NOT believe, which personally I love, but I know some people are not too keen on scent cosmetics.  This blush applies much more sheer than it appear in the pallet but can easily be built up into a stronger colour. I like to use a wash of it over the top of the Cha Cha Tint, this creates a lovely dewy and (if this makles sense) a subtle yet bright look.

This pallet also comes with a cute little brush which I use to apply the blush. You could, I suppose, use it to blend the 2 liquid products but I find a bigger brush works better for that in order to buff the product into the skin. The fact that this pallet comes with a brush makes it the perfect piece of kit to take away on holiday or even just in your hand bag and it has an amazingly big mirror (for the size of the pallet) in it too!
This blusher would be great for Blush-Phobes like I was, as it can be made to be so understater. Also, although it is a 'pink' blusher, it definitely has orangey hues to it which makes it an easy product to transfer to instead or along with bronzer with out it being too much of a massive change.

Coralista LipGloss

Finally, the last product in the pallet is the Coralista Lipgloss. I had never tried a Benefit Lipgloss before and was quite excited to do so. Overall I liked it quite a lot, I must confess I really am not a Lipgloss type of Girl. I would always pick Lip Sticks over a gloss as I love a bright, and more often than not, matte lip. However this Gloss was actually really nice.
Now, I haaaate it when people say 'nice' but i cant really think of another word. This products was definetly not unpleasant. It smells ( and tastes) so beautiful and the colour is very very lovely. It comes out as a sheer, pink, very shiny gloss and it last for aggges. I applied it and an hour later, after a cup of tea and a packet of Collin the Caterpillars, it was still there - albeit a little faded. I also really liked how moisturising it was on the lips too.
In general I did like this product. It's just that for me, its not something I would buy. But for gloss girls, this product is definitely one for you to try!

What I thought overall...
Overall I am really delighted with this pallet. Benefit have done such a good job of picking these products, which means they can all be used together to create a beautiful summery look, no matter what your skin shade or complexion. 
I would also recommend this product to people who are new to make-up, or perhaps don't know where to start when updating Winter make up for Summer. This is because this product also comes with 2 pages of handy Tips and Tricks showing you how to apply the products and also where to apply them. Which I know can be a little tricky with Tints and Highlights. These 2 pages also keep the mirror protected and clean which is a huge plus for me!

This Pallet was £25.50 and I brought mine from John Lewis, however Benefit is also available from Boots and also online.

Anyways I must away to the land of Bed-fordshire.

Hope this is helpful to some and you enjoyed reading it, please comment and let me know any products you have brought recently, or what your favourite Benefit products are ...

Love Em xx

PS Oooo one other thing, is that at the the moment , at benefit counters they are giving away free make overs to those who spend £30.00 or more. Perfect to redeem for a special occasion or a night out :)


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