Thursday, 18 April 2013

REVLON - Latest products//Review

A few weeks ago I went shopping. Along with some other bits and pieces, I picked up these Revlon products. In the past few months Revlon has really upped it's game and has brought out beautiful product after beautiful product.

First up was the Revlon Colour Stay 16 Hour Eye Shadow quads.
I was drawn to the Bronzey hues in both pallets but though that 'Decadent' would be a good day pallet and 'Brazen' more suitable for a night time, more glamorous look due to the darker colours.
The colours in these quads are seriously well pigmented (especially the darker colours), long lasting and easily blend-able. They also come with a handy picture on the back demonstrating where to use the colours ( Darkest in the crease, Lightest to highlight ETC).

One thing I did note about these eye shadows, is the fact that they do tend to fall-down a fair amount when you apply them. Normally I wouldn't note this, but because they are so pigmented and long lasting, I found it so hard to clean up with out ruining my foundation, especially the darker colours.

At £7.99 each, I think these pallets are excellent value for money and would recommend them. They are available in so many different shades and are often on 3-4-2 offer in Boots, which is where I purchased mine.

Second up is a product that has become a staple in my Make- up Collection. It is the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in shade 103-Shell.

This foundation is a light but build-able coverage and is so perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring skin. As I,personally, prefer a lighter coverage in Spring//Summer. I apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush which created a sheer yet polished look. However applying it with fingers is really easy too as this foundation almost instantly sinks in to your skin, leaving a natural, radiant finish.. What's not to love?

There is one thing I really do not like about this product.. or  any product..EVER. It is the fact that this bottle comes with no pump, meaning you have to pour it out onto your hand/brush. This might be okay for some people, but personally I find it wastes a lot of product and also it just makes the bottle really messy when opening it up.

Despite this though, I absolutely love this foundation and at £7.99 it is definitely the quality of something much pricier.

Finally, is just something which instantly appealed to me as it is Pink and Sparkly! It is the Revlon Nail Enamel in the colour 261-Sparkling. I just think it is the prettiest thing ever! It looks beautiful on its own if you apply a couple of layers to build up the glitter, or even as a ombre fade with another colour.

Revlon claim these Nail Enamels last for 10 days when used with a top coat and base. I don't know about 10 days, but they definitely last a good few days chip-free.  

I don't own loads of nail varnishes, but I would say the bulk of what I own are Revlon. There is a great selection of colours, finishes and even scents which are all of a high quality and I would recommend then to anyone wanting to add a sprinkle of sparkle or a pop of colour into their look.

Hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope it's not too long. Let me know if you would prefer shorter reviews :)

Emma x


  1. Love the look of those revlon eye palettes, gorgeous neutral colours!


    1. Ahh thanks..they are so handy :)

      You blog looks so nice .. am new to Blogging so glad you liked my first go :).. I am going to try and upload more posts as much as i can, so come back and check them out :)

      Em x

  2. Ahh another new blogger, i only started me this week too. Your page looks lovely already.
    The sparkling polish looks beautiful, Revlon are the best for drugstore polishes.

    Megan xx

    1. Yep.. brand new :) I'm slowly starting to get the hang of it.. i think!..

      I'm going to try and upload more posts as much as I can.. so come back and check them out (:


      Em x