Saturday, 27 April 2013

maybelline - latest products//review

Okay, so yesterday was a bad day for my Bank Account. I decided it would be a good idea to peruse the shelves at Boots, but unfortunately for my Bank, looking turning into touching, and touching turned into wildly grabbing things near me and throwing them into my Basket :)  
When I got home however, and actually stopped to examine what I had brought in my frenzied state, I was really happy :)
I always find with Beauty Splurges that I never regret the money i send as i enjoy so much trying out the new things I buy :)
Anyhoo, Among some of these things were 2 Maybelline products, which were on a great deal of Buy one get on half-price! I had heard great things about both products so was excited to give them a whirl..

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - Shade 210, Sandy Beige

I had been curious to pick this up at it is marketed as having a translucent base and super light weight pigments which allow the skin's natural colour pigments to show through, making it adaptable to any skin tone. 
It is also water-based, which is great for someone like me who has an oily skin type. My sister-in-law also brought this though and her skin type in more of a dry one.
My sister-in-law used this last night, and her skin look amazing. It looked dewy and natural whilst providing a good medium coverage.
I used mine this morning, and i LOVE it :) I was sceptical as me and my sister-in-law have such different skin. But I found it applied in a really nice way, it doesn't sit on the skin and it actually does what it say on the bottle- fits to your skin tone. 
Another great thing about this product is that you pick your colour based on the undertone of your skin- pink or yellow. Being the corn fed girl I am , I ran screaming towards the yellow tones as I haaate pink foundations.

Another that I love about this Foundation , is the bottle. I think that it looks so chic and expensive. With it's glass bottle and black hardware, I actually think it looks really similar to the packaging of a Chanel foundation.

Another thing that I was so excited to see when I opened the bottle was a pump!! As I said when reviewing the Revlon Nearly Naked, I hate it when you just have to pour the product out the bottle, and for this, I think it could maybe push itself to the top of my Drug Store/High Street Foundation tables. It is £7.99.

I only picked up this little Eyeshadow pot as it was buy 1 get 1 half price, so I thought I had better find something to take advantage of the deal.
When I swatched this in the shop tester, the texture reminded me of the MAC paint pots, as it felt thin and creamy, but was highly pigmented.

The colour of this in the pot is a metallic bronze, however when it is actually on the eye i found it applied a little more grey-ish.
I was interested to see how long lasting this product actually is and whether it creases as most cream Eyeshadows do. After a few hours there was a slight crease but not very much, and the colour was as sparkly and bright as it had been when first applied. The staying power of this stuff really is amazing, the swatch from the Boots tester lasted HOURS with out any fading at all! Although the staying power is great it was a little stubborn when trying to get it off, I needed to have a second go to get all of it.

Overall I would definitely recommend this to make up rookies as an easy way to get into wearing shadows, or anyone who is looking for a great shadow to wear as a wash of colour or as a base :) & at £2.50* what more could you want?

*£4.99 full price.  

Have you tried any of these products? & what are your favourite Maybelline buys?

Love Em xx


  1. That swatch eyeshadow looks really nice - I love a good shimmery bronze! They tend to really bring out blue eyes :) Will have to try it out!! The foundation also looks like it blends really well! :) lovely review!!

    Love, Megan xxxx

  2. Ahh Megan, I cannot tell you how nice it is.. I have green eyes and it looks so nice on them too :)
    It such good quality for he price.. I'm definitely going to go back and check out some of the other colours :)

    Love Em xx

  3. I've read many positive reviews about Fit Me,i think i might give it a try :)
    And tattoo eyeshadow,all colours available are beautiful :) This one is one of my fav as well :)
    Thank you for your visit :)
    I am a new follower <3<3

  4. I was gutted as I just didn't get on well with the fit me range :( I don't think the foundation gave me enough coverage. Love the eyeshadow though, it lasts throughout the day so well :)
    Love Holly x