Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review// Illamasqua - Hydra Veil

Ahh I am so excited to be reviewing this little beauty! I have been using it for about 2 weeks so as I can give a well balanced review as I was rather unsure as to what to expect from this skin 'Veil'

I'll start by explaining what exactly it is.
Well, it is a Primer/Skin perfecter/Moisturiser all rolled into one lovely little product.
It does not claim to have any long term skin benefits, it is to be used before foundation and after or instead of ,depending on your skin type, moisturiser.
The great thing about the Hydra Veil is that it is actually suitable for both dry and oily skin as it is designed to hydrate any dry patches and balance out any oiliness that your skin may have. Magic? Yes, I think it must be cause it truly does work.

Another unique thing about the Hydra Veil is the packaging. 
Not only is the outside expensive looking ( more pricey looking than the £27.00 price tag) and chic - the inside is super amazing.

There is an air-tight lid under the outer screw lid with a super cute little spoon attached to the top.

You may be wondering why on earth you would need a spoon?!.. Well. is it because this product's texture is sooo amazing/awesome/weird that you really would struggle to get the tiny amount needed out, with your hands.
Essentially.. it is a jelly.
A clear , pleasant smelling jelly.  the great thing about it too is that is stays looking new...

 Make it messy...
Within seconds it is back to normal :)

Okay, so about what is actually did to my skin.
I apply this after my normal morning skin care routine and actually instead of a morning moisturiser (as I only ever moisturised my dry patched on my cheek bones anyways).

I use the spoon to apply a small amount which I gently work between my fingers and smooth over my face.

The result.
My foundation glides onto my skin to effortlessly and looks so airbrushed and smooth - it really is amazing.
My foundation and concealer also do not budge! From half 7 in the morning to 6 PM at night when I finish work, I have to powder once to set my base and that it is :)


I really would recommend this lovely product to everyone, it's so good and quickly became a staple in my make up routine :)

Have you tried this? What are your favourite Illamasqua products ?

Love Em xx


  1. I recently visited my iIlamasqua counter the MUA on their showed me this i was abit dubious . I might try it out after reading your review. Sounds like a great primer.

    V xx

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  2. Really want to try this now! Great post! :)

    Kelly xo

    1. Thanks chicken, you should for sure try it x

  3. Lovely review!! I want to try this sooooooo bad!!!! Sounds amazing!! Followed you lovely blog :)) xxx

    1. Aww thanks chicken :) Have followed you back <3


  4. Hello. I tagged you for seven deadly sins of beauty tag. You can check more about it here:

    When you do this, leave a link in my comments, so I can sheck what you wrote :)
    xoxo Nika

  5. Great review! I am also so weary of primers because they always make my skin react with little bumps. I wonder if this one would do the same- either way thanks for sharing! I just began following you! Check out my blog when you get a sec!
    -Maddy @

    1. Aww thanks :) Have followed back <3.. You should really try it.. Ask them to apply it at the counter before you buy it :)


  6. Your instagram sent me here!

    Love how it has a little spoon inside, im def a sucker for packaging!Great blog hun x