Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Skin Care Routine// Night Time

I am a creature of habit and find it hard to break out of my old routines when it comes to skin care.
It used to be Simple Face Wipe, Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, whatever Moisturiser was hand & then bed.

However as I have got older I've learnt that in order to keep my skin from being too oil & dry (bad combo) I do need to put a little work in. These products have really helped my skin and made a noticeable difference although I am prone to switching up cleansers - this is the one I am really enjoying at the momento.

Step One - Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

I was pleasently suprised by this cleasner as at £10.50 it is cheaper than the Liz Earle Cleanser I always revert back to.
It removes make up really well (I remove any heavy duty eye make up separately) and leaves my skin looking refreshed, clean and illuminated.

A little goes a long way with this little Cleanser as it is really thorough, I tend to use it twice, once before my Mask and once after to make sure my skin is extra clean :)
The scent is this products one downfall, in my opinion. I personally don't mind it but it is rather strong. I would recommend smelling it before you buy it to make sure it's for you.
I use this products with the Muslin cloth that comes with it which is okay, but not as good quality as the Liz Earle one. :)
At £10.50, this is a good middle-of the road products. It does the job it says it will and won't empty your bank while it's at it.

PS. if you have dry skin this may not be one for you as it left my Mum's face feeling rather tight a stripped :(

Step 2 - No.7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask

Although I am a big mask lover, I have never been one to routinely apply them. Maybe once a week if I have the time but in general, they rarely crept into my Nightly routine.
That is, until this little gem came into my life :)
Honestly, I only brought this to get rid of one the the thousands of No.7 vouchers I had in my Purse, but since using it.. I am hooked.
It is a 2 Minute mask designed to deep cleanse the face using heat and tiny exfoliating beads. 
When you apply this (to damp skin) it feels rather like a dry exfoliator, but once it hits the skin it get, oddly, rather warm. You massage it on like you would an exfoliator and leave it for two minutes to work it's magic.
If you're one for pampering, luxurious mask, this won't be the one for you. But, if you like a little bit of pamper but on the quick then you should definitely try this out :)
Also, sorry about the Oily skin based products - but once again I would steer clear if you suffer from dryness.

Not a great deal to say about this Toner apart from that it does the job. And it does it really well :)
After rising my Mask , I Cleanse and Polish again. I then use a generous helping of this toner and sweep it across my face with an exfoliating cotton pad.

Personally, I always use a Toner as I feel that it closes the pores and locks in the nourishment from your Mask and Cleanser :)

This Moisturiser is super super lovely & feels so creamy and luxurious when applied to the skin. It also come in two variations Dry/Sensitive and Normal/Combination. Although I would say I have Normal/Combination skin, I actually use to Dry/Sensitive version of this product and I find it gives my face a nice hit of moisture overnight with out leaving it greasy in the morning. And, with all the cleansing and toning, I think my skin does need a bit of a boost overnight to keep it supple and smooth.

Tools of the Trade

What are you favourite Night time Treats?

Have you tried and of these and if so, what did you think?

Love Em xx


  1. Great post! I really want to try some of the Liz Earle products, they sound great! I really need a new cleanser, but my skin is so dry, so thanks for the heads up about the Sanctuary one!


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  3. I really need a new cleanser, thanks for tip!

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  5. I have loads of them Boots vouchers too and was looking for a mask to get with them so might give this one a go! Nice pics ! xo

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  6. I seriously need to get into a proper skin care routine at night time!!! Definitely going to use some of your recommendations - thanks so much! By the way, your blog is adorable! Looking forward to reading more :)

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  10. I only place one moisturizing cream after my face wash and that's it. Should definitely invest more time and money in skin care as I am getting older. :) x

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